Seattle-based musician bringing his idea's to life with his upcoming debut single titled Lock'd Outta My Mind.


"Andon is truly en evangelist for the groove!"

- Gary Tobin

 Moving back stateside after those formative years in Hawaii, his skills were quickly in demand around the Pacific Northwest music scene. What makes Andon a rare element is his natural ability with multiple instruments, his capacity to sing in different voices and harmonies, and the thirst and knack for learning new ways to approach the music. He has a rare charismatic and uplifting energy that switches on those that gather in and around Andonimus & The Lock'd Pocket.  There is always a sense of magic and possibility when he takes the stage.

     Andon’s creative and musical goals are within sight. He wants to create those moments that will stay with people, memorable moments that imprint and inspire people, bringing that unmistakable high energy and love of what he does, and who he does it for. To collaborate, share, and create those magical moments whenever and wherever he can is the driving force behind what he does.


     Andon's new business A.M.P. PRESENTS is dedicated to creating ACCESS for businesses and OPPORTUNITY for the artists like himself with goals to make the music and entertainment business have a little more integrity involved.

     Andonimus (Andon Hiltner) was born in Maui, Hi in the late 1980’s.  As a child, he grew up playing in the waves on the beaches of Kihei, waterfalls & bamboo forests, and was brought to many a musical event Maui fostered and attracted.  From his first memories, he played with Willie Nelson’s kids, went to shows, events, beach drumming, etc., so early, he hardly remembers the beginnings of the musical influences of his youth.


     From the beaches of Kihei, the pools above Hana, to the hillsides of Haleakala, as a kid he played on those beaches, climbed trees to capture chameleons to sell to tourist kids, drank fresh coconuts, bodysurfed and danced to drumming from the earliest moments in his mother’s belly. 


     Years later, his father remarried, and they moved to Australia, where young Andon became the kit drummer & percussionist for the Kentish Community Orchestra.  His first formal music education began there, in Sheffield, Tasmania, playing everything from chimes to triangles, congas and timpani by age of 9.